Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Why do I need a root canal?

  • Inside each tooth there is a space that contains a blood supply and nerve tissue.
  • If this space becomes irreversibly damaged from infection, severe swelling or trauma, the tooth may become painful or infected.
  • The options available are to extract the tooth or complete a root canal treatment.
  • Root canal treatment allows the tooth to remain in place.

What is root canal treatment?

  • The space containing the blood and nerve supply is called the “root canal” space. It is cleaned with small files and disinfecting solution and then filled with Gutta Percha.
  • This process is done to ensure the tooth remains free from re-infection by bacteria.
  • To access the root canal space, a small hole must be prepared on the top of the tooth.
  • Following the completion of root canal treatment, a filling is placed to fill in the hole.

Will it hurt?

  • There may be pain when the nerve is inflamed or infected and the tooth has to have either a root canal treatment or extraction.
  • Root canal treatment, itself, should feel no different than having a filling done as long as the tooth and surrounding bone is adequately frozen.

How should the tooth be treated after a root canal is complete?

  • It is always recommended that a posterior tooth receive a crown following root canal treatment, as there is a high risk of the tooth fracturing.