What is a composite filling?

  • Composite resin is a tooth coloured material used for dental fillings.
  • It can be used to restore cavities, replace defective fillings, as well as replace/repair damaged, cracked or lost tooth structure.

Why am I having a composite filling instead of a silver amalgam filling?

  • Although amalgam is still used in certain circumstances, the majority of the fillings we place are composite resin.
  • Research shows that teeth with amalgam fillings are more susceptible to developing cracks
  • Tooth preparation for composite fillings is often more conservative
  • Amalgam restorations are still used in primary teeth (“baby teeth”) because they are less susceptible to moisture contamination and bonding with composite fillings is less predictable due to the different enamel structure.

Why do Composite fillings cost more?

  • Compared to other materials, the placement of composite fillings is much more technique sensitive. They require more steps and typically require the placement of a rubber dam.

How long will my Composite filling last?

  • Like everything in dentistry, composite fillings do not last forever.
  • The exact length of time that a composite filling lasts depends on many factors including the size of the fillings, the oral environment, and the care and maintenance that you provide.
  • With excellent care the research shows that on average, a composite filling should last approximately 7 to 10 years